About Us

Designing jeweIlry is no cake walk; instead it is that exceptional art not everyone is bestowed with. It requires a bizarre taste and a typical bend of mind to artistically put together precious gems and metals and develop an extremely charming and alluring jewelry piece.

VM JEWELLERS is one of those most sought after jewellers in West DELHI. We have two decades of phenomenal growth and are continually striving to make exclusive designs of unsurpassed style, and ever since we started this business we always preferred Purity and Product quality over everything.

VM Jewellers name is synonymous with finest workmanship and unusual designs. We were the first to have a complete Hallmark showroom in West Delhi, Vikaspuri.

As said by Louis Kahn ~ “Design is not making beauty; beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration and love.”

Therefore, each beautiful piece, created by the combination of precious materials, innovative and gorgeous designs, reflects our great passion, excellence and excitement for beauty and elegance.

All through these years, we have established ourselves as a respectable and ethical player in the market and today. We have achieved the description of being one of the most trustworthy and pioneering Jewellers in this business.

With consumer satisfaction as our first and foremost objective, each and every minute detail about each masterpiece is taken care of right from the selection of exquisite material to proficient craftsmanship to the service commitment towards the customer.

VM. Jewellers used to sell products bearing 920 purity mark even before BIS hallmarking was introduced by the government. Hallmark is a safeguard for purchasers of gold and gold articles. With the aim of increasing the market for hallmarked jewellery, by spreading awareness about its benefits amongst the consumers so that they start demanding the same.
    At VM Jewellers, we have seen first hand how direct experience drives success. With that in mind, our personalized, hands-on approach to design of jewellery is crucial to consistent results and increased profitability.

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    With a solid reputation for producing consistent, measurable results in all areas of Jewellery, our knowledge and expertise go above and beyond the ordinary. Place your trust in VM Jewellers and be rest assured about the purity.

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    We believe communication is the first key to success, which is why every jewellery design and made by VM Jewellers receives senior-level design. We communicate with our Customers on regular basis and keep them informed about various design of jewellery.

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    VM Jewellers is committed to diversity in all aspects of our business, as we value and respect the opportunity it brings. From our associates to the jewellery in our portfolio.

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    Our established reputation in new design of jewelley is also attributed to the unwavering trust and respect that we earn.

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    We stand committed to an ethical approach and being honest in all our transactions. Honesty is important in any profession, but it's of paramount importance in jewellery industry. We promise to adhere to a strict code of ethics in conducting any and all activities related to sale or purchase of any jewellery. By establishing trust we will build a long term business model based on long term Customers.